Mexico City - Mexico

After eight years working in the design world for different firms, in 2013 I decided to create the studio that bears my name.


Mexico City - Mexico

Services: In collaboration with – Architect Carlos Herrera

By coincidence at a dinner party I met my client and we clicked immediately. She was looking for a young designer and had not found anyone who met her expectations. She wanted to give a chance to someone like me , and her best decision was to bet on a young talent.

My client placed all her trust in me which gave me the freedom to propose my style without imposing. I understood her needs,then I was able to translate them into a coherent design proposal according to her tastes and lifestyle.

I have been trained as a textile designer, and fabrics are always a starting point for me. The textiles and their textures and colors were the common thread of the entire project. The style to define it in some way is contemporary classic . I don’t want to be defined by my clients in a particular style, because my studio is dedicated to solving all kinds of projects, from offices, residential projects and hotels.

The client was very open in acquiring design pieces that would enhance the spaces. Not all the elements of the house are from important firms, however the challenge was to combine, for example, a Baroncelli lamp (made in Venice) with furniture made in Mexico.

The same thing happens in all areas of the house. The room has an impressive installation of sixty pendants from Series 14, designed by Omar Arbel for Bocci.
There are pieces from Casa FENDI, as well as from Mexican designers like Héctor Esrawe. Outside we placed Gervasoni furniture.

I have a very solid work team that allows me to create custom pieces made in Mexico, such as the latticework that divides the dining room from the kitchen.

In terms of art, we acquired pieces by artists such as Eduardo Terrazas and Nicole Wermers.
Carlos Herrera’s architecture gave me the guidelines to define the style and the materials to use.

We combine natural stones with wood and metal. The use of materials is very honest, we wanted to respect the nature of each one. The result is a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The wraparound was my canvas to generate a contrast between the interior and the exterior.
Other materials such as carbon steel, which can be seen in the fireplace, were part of my proposal.

The color accents were achieved with the selection of fabrics. My research is focused on trend prediction based on fashion textiles. There are companies like Nelly Rodi that are dedicated to generating these predictions and I always use them as a reference.
The color scheme is very bold in some areas. Green predominates in the room with Designers Guild fabrics. The spaces for children are also colorful to make them fun. Even the walls are hand-painted describing an imaginary journey that begins with a typewriter writing a letter for children.

This represents that life is a journey to be lived and enjoyed. The different stages of youth are represented on these walls, being a message for the children in this house about not to lose their origins. We also developed this concept in my studio.

The office has a rug by Paul Smith for Rug Company that is an explosion of color that contrasts with the other elements.