Margaret Bissu

Margaret Bissu Interior Design was founded over a decade ago with the aim of bringing the power of imagination into interior design.

Margaret Bissu, a textile design graduate from top Ibero University in Mexico City, added her speciality to the expertise of two prestigious architectural and interior studios. With a dash of inventiveness and originality, she learned to develop an instinct for awareness and understanding of a space’s attributes, which became one of her hallmarks.

After 18 years of fulfilling work, Margaret Bissu now possesses experience, sharpness and her chief quality: inventiveness.

As the head of Margaret Bissu Interior Design studio, she has become a listener, an observer and a doer.

Without a doubt, her journey would never have been successful without a committed and talented team of professionals as passionate as she is about design. The bureau is a family, and every member has a significant role to play in completing a dream. The team’s zest for creativity and adventure is a foremost asset for all project successes.

From beautiful country houses in her native Mexico to international projects around the world, including townhouses, dazzling hotels, trendy restaurants and corporate offices, Margaret Bissu Interior Design dares to enable what others don’t, because the studio is edgy yet sophisticated.

“You have to take risks to create infinite possibilities”, says Margaret, whose core style stands for uniqueness. No project is like another, “not even in a house refurbished or restyled by the very same owners; impermanent is our style”.

Our Core Values

Innovation. Originality. Authenticity. Professionalism. Respect. Loyalty. Empathy. Warmth.  Are our core values.

Aside from novelty and trends as the main qualities of designers, nothing can be successfully attained without the real values behind the ideas. People matter the most, the first stage is to think of the person who is going to live, own, or visit the space, and that is our takeoff: empathy and respect for the people involved.

The final gift is always granting authenticity and originality in the ways of doing things. As motion thrives on our instincts, experience and knowledge in our craft also do. To develop, drive and operate requires a degree of mastery and proficiency. Margaret Bissu Interior Design encompasses both brains and hearts.

And so, innovation flourishes at the end of each journey, as we love to call our projects.

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