From Scratch to Turn-Key Projects

As a distinctive feature, our studio handles all facets of a project, from inception to the first stages of construction, until the finished structure is ready for occupancy. Our goal is to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

Whether working on a new theme concept or a renovation, even a complete rebuilding, we strive to make the space a dream come true and never stop until we achieve our goal.

As turnkey specialists, even in an occupied and previously decorated space,  we are not afraid to experiment and make changes,  no matter how long it takes to fulfill the clients’ expectations and ours.

Margaret Bissu Interior Design’s greatest value lies in our  tailor-made designs. We import furniture and materials from abroad and offer our crafted designs fabricated in the Margaret Bissu Workshop, a luxury experience for our clients.

That’s how much we care about you.


We create experiences throughout the entire process, not just at the end of the project. Imagination elicits a new interpretation of an idea every day. Sharing its transformation with our clients is to care and co-create.

We generate an ambience by assembling textures and trends to convey a complete lifestyle.
Interior design is more than a mix of colors and fabrics. The expression of a personality includes not only the living room and the ornaments, but also plates and napkins for every season in our search for harmony. A genuine representation of a person or a brand is printed in every detail and object surrounding a space.

We believe in the power of impermanence as an expression of our client’s state of mind. If human beings constantly change, then why should our spaces remain the same? We evolve, we move, and we grow. Design does not stand still; it evolves with life itself.

We pledge to accompany, guide, and understand our client’s dreams with empathy and sensitivity. Success relies on the grounds of humanity. Personalization, time, and consideration are rare attributes in such a competitive industry as design, where a delicate strand of gentleness can make all the difference in a lengthy process.