Dialogue between
the architecture
and my interiors

The interior design is based on functional pieces that at the same time give a halo of sophistication to the spaces and are highlighted by a very detailed design. The main objective is to create different scenarios, in which the family and guests enjoy their time together.

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Margaret Bissu, is characterized by creating spaces with a risky and sophisticated personality. She stands out for the use of different materials, combination of textiles, textures and trends that blend harmoniously into a lifestyle.

Her accomplishments span the residential, commercial and world of philanthropy. Her projects allow her to investigate the evolution of architecture, interior, industrial and graphic design.


textile and texture
it’s my seal

“I dedicate the same care to the common spaces as to the most intimate and private ones. The rooms where the life of a house happens are the ones that matter the most to me ”. The inspiration behind each project is always the high expectations of our clients.

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